Infoamational portal źElectronical catalogue of building materials╗
In order to promote the construction and housing and communal services of the Republic of Tatarstan JSC «RETC» it was decided to create a unified electronic information catalogue of building materials of the Republic of Tatarstan.
As a result of the work multi-information Internet portal was received, which provides great opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of building materials for the presentation of its activities. For the convenience of users of the portal is that presented relevant information on building materials, as well as manufacturers and suppliers. The use of various services (eg search on different parameters) significantly facilitates the work of the user. For employees of JSC «RETC» this resource has become a new tool when working with suppliers and manufacturers and will automate the transfer of information on current prices for goods.

Information portal on base VIP
Year: 2009
Client źRepublican Engineering and Technical center╗ JSC.
The catalogue of the building materials consists of more than 1500 categories which contain more than 10000 goods
Catalogue of building enterprises contains all necessary information about manufacturers and suppliers
Forum  affords to the users of the site to take part in the different  discussions about new in the sphere of building
Interesting articles help the users to know all latests news and directions of work
One of the ideas of the shetch of the web-site