Informational catalogue of goods and services in Kazan
The idea of the project is to offer to the user convinient catalogue of goods and services in Kazan, the special attention is drawn to different events, promo-actions, discounts and sales. On the site you will see a catalogue of organizatoins where you can buy necessary goods, order different services, also various entertainment centers and places. Also you can read some interesting articles on different topics and know all the latest news from the news module and calendar of events. Interesting offers and other different questions can be discussed on forum.

Information portal on base Exclusive
Year: 2009
Client Saleking
A large amount of information about goods and services in Kazan is represented in an extensive directory. Here you can also learn about new clubs and activities, carried out there.
In the Catalog of goods and services you have the opportunity to purchase goods. Very comfortable presenting information. From the page of Paintings you can go to the homepage of the artist and view his work.
Along with the catalog of goods and services the catalog of stores and companies is represented on the website. Enterprises are divided by areas of activity, what makes searching easier and more convenient.
The calendar of events is also on this page. There you can learn about events, conducted in the city.
The section of tourism is also represeneted in the catalog of goods and services.