Internet shop "Live Coffee"
That is a web-site where you can order capsulated fresh roasted coffee. Due to the special roasting technologies such coffee preserves more than 120 vitamins and microelements. Its taste and healthiness are combined in each capsule, which preserves its freshness and natural force. Strength and cheerfulness in each gulp of this outstanding coffee will make your day. Also on this site you can order capsule coffee machines with which everyone can enjoy marvelous taste of fresh roasted coffee.

Internet store, Corporate site on base VIP
Year: 2010
Client Safari coffee
We are eager to provide an opportunity to enjoy one of 17 sorts of our excellent fresh roasted coffee. You can order any of this sorts right on our web-site. Only 4 easy steps and you are already enjoying our coffee! First you are choosing coffee and putting it into your shopping cart, then you need to log in or register on the site.
You can pay for your order in any convenient way:
  • Receipt. You can get it from our site, print and pay on it in any bank.
  • Non-cash payment
  • Via MasterCard or Visa cards
  • E-money: WebMoney, e-port, Yandex.
Also we have a bonus campaign, which makes your shopping pleasant and profitable. Each purchase will give you some bonuses, which could be used for further orders.
Safari is working on b2b system (business-to-business). There are several types of users on the site: customers, consultants and distributors. All of them have their own accounts where they can track each order and check bonuses. Consultants have all info on their customers and orders, distributors can find an info on availability of articles.