Complaint book "Do not endure"
A new project, which has an aim to improve quality of services in business, in state and commercial organizations, in shops and other establishments.

Aims of the resource

  • To improve quality of products and services
  • To collect and send complaints
  • To unite the appellants, because together we are the power!
  • To turn managers and chiefs minds on the problems which they should solve.
  • To inform customers about non-qualitative services.

Information portal on base Exclusive
Year: 2009
On this site you can easily watch video, read comments of other users, and leave your own comments.
Attached pictures are shown in smaller size right under the text of complaint. Those pictures are the evidences for the complaints. Also attached pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Icons comply with sites tags of violations. The tags are - impunity, bureaucracy, bribery, corruption, arrogance, violation of the law, incompetence, fraud, negligence, rudeness.