Month: December 2018

IT Avenue / Performed works / Software

    The program for ticket sales

    Flash game for our customers "Get a discount"

    «Combined register of documents»

    «WAB Avenue» version 3.0


    DBMS for the Automobile Service

    "WAB Avenue" version 2.0


    IT Avenue / Clients / «Republican Engineering and Technical center» JSC.

      The center has been issuing such information and analytical
      publications in the field of pricing and rationing in the estimated
      construction as «Stroytsena the Republic of Tatarstan» and the
      «Bulletin of prices of construction products».

      Feedback from JSC «RITC»

      In accordance with the contract between JSC “Republican Engineering-Technical Center” and “Ay-Tee Avenue”
      was developed electronic information catalog of building materials of the Republic of Tatarstan – at .

      As a result of creating a catalog of building materials specialists of LLC “Ai Tee Avenue” was completely
      implement the project in accordance with the specification and on time. The site has a friendly interface, convenient and easy navigation.
      Site Features at a high technical level.

      Experience of cooperation with the company “Ai Tee Avenue” allows us to recommend it as a reliable business partner
      and indicates that the specialists have high professionalism.

      Director-General I. R. Akhmetzyanov

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      IT Avenue / Performed works / Agave – stores and hypermarkets
        This is the website of the company and the network of stores “AGAVA” – one of the leaders of integrated supplies of construction and decoration materials, plumbing and heating equipment.

        Design of the resource is made using gif- and flash-animation. A resource provides information about the company, products, sales, stores, conditions and forms of cooperation. Particular attention is given to the corporate policy of the company: search and selection of vacancies, filing on-line resumes, corporate newspaper, forums, on-line surveys and much more.

        Corporate site on base Exclusive
        Year: 2006
        Reference from client «Agava» Ltd.

        At first this sketch was created. The idea was to show to the users “the warmth and comfort in the house” and our designers succeded in it.But finally the customer decided to use the hi-tech style.

        IT Avenue / Clients / «International Association of horizontal directional drilling» (IAHDD)

          We try to be the best and useful for our customers by offering affordable, professional and affordable integrated solutions to their problems.

          The “International Association of Specialists of Horizontal Directional Drilling” was created in the form of a non-profit partnership – a non-profit organization established by entities. The members of the association can be businesses and organizations using and producing HDD-complexes, or their components, as well as drilling tools and consumables.

          From the name of IAS HDD centralized suppliesof components for the preparation of drilling fluids, parts, tools and supplies for exclusive prices for members of the Association are made.

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          IT Avenue / Performed works / Promotional website for “Service+” Ltd.

            The site presentes a wide range of products, recipes,contains contact information with the form of feedback.

            Corporate site on base Promo
            Year: 2008
            Client Ltd. “Service +”

            IT Avenue / Performed works / 3rd version of the site of “IT Avenue”

              3rd version of the site of the company “IT Avenue” LTD.

              Corporate site на базе Exclusive
              Year: 2008

              Other layouts

              IT Avenue / Performed works / Corporate site JSC “FSK Mostaf”

                The site of the group of companies “Mostaf”. The main direction of work of the Finance and construction company “MOSTAF” JSC is building a high-quality and comfortable buildings (administrative and trading), as well as for residential use.

                The product unit is a square meter, and that’s why the second direction of work appeared- providing help services in the primary and secondary housing market and non-residential rooms. Employees of the  department of real estate provide services to the sale-resale and lease of real estate.

                Features: feedback, site search, site map

                Corporate site на базе Promo
                Year: 2007
                Client «FCK «Mostaf» CJSC

                Other layouts
                The sketch declined by the customer.

                IT Avenue / References /

                  Our projects were noticed on the international contest of internet projects “THE
                  STARS OF TATNET 2008″—the diploma in the nomination “Mass media” and another one
                  in the nomination “Corporate sites”.

                  And in 2009 our site took the first prize in the nomination “Corporate sites” in the
                  same contest.


                    Domain Registration RU-CENTER. Center
                    Domain Registration and support. Ru,. Net,. Com,. Org,. Info,. Su and other domains

                    Founded in 2000 to provide services related to the address space allocation.It is an accredited Registrator of domain names in zones RU, SU, NET, COM, ORG, BIZ, INFO.
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