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IT Avenue / Clients / «Melita» JSC

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    Melita – fur-coats and furs
    Web-site for fur manufacture “Melita” ver. 2.0
    Online-shop for Melita

    “Melita” JSCis the enterprise,which completes full technological cycle – from leather manufacturing and creatingthe design till realization. The production of the caompany always differs with high quality and wearing comfort, you can see it both in exclusive and everyday models.
    This and also the creative design of models of “Melita” immediately allocate the companyamong Russian fur products companies.The fact that their productswarm even in severe frosts, whichcan not providenor Greek, or Italian coats makes a good name to the company among foreign producers.

    Withdrawal from “Melita” JSC

    The company “IT Avenue” was the developer of the site for “Melita” JSC. Summarizing the results, it is necessary to note that the work had been done very successfully. The site was set up on time and in proper form. The work had been taken into account and removed all the comments emerging. Speaking directly on the site itself, it should be noted that the appearance of it complies with all necessary requirement, it is simple and convenient navigation, which makes it incredibly convenient for visitors. It should also be emphasized that the project leading specialist department conducted an interview with the staff of “Melita” JSC, which explained in detail how to work with the site, as well as answering all the questions posed. Company  “Melita” remained satisfied with the cooperation “IT-avenue”, as well as the result of this cooperation.

    General Director Gumerov R.H.
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