About the company

About the company

    Our company was officially founded in 2005, during the period of our existence, we have already showed ourselves from the best side, as the evidence you can see reviews and recommendations our clients.

    We provide a full range of services for the creation and maintenance of web-solutions and software using the latest IT- technologies , our main activities are:

    • development of web-sites of any complexity
    • development of Intranet applications
    • software development

    Our principles

    The principle of technology development: “Divide and Conquer”. Each complex task, which by 1 — might seem not realisable or difficultly solved, can be divided into dozens of tiny tasks which can be done easily. On this scheme was developed by our universal web-application developer “WAB Avenue”.

    Our principle of interaction with the client: the protection of interests of the customer support and trusting partnership aimed for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

    The principle of the successful execution: individual, integrated and creative approach to each client, transparency at all stages of work, precise execution of tasks.

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