This is primarily a way to submit information. And how this method will be close to your customer, depends its desire to purchase offer you products/services, or simply re-visit your web-resource. Our task is to submit your promotional materials attractive and competitive, irrespective of the type and volume of information posted.

    Wecreate design, whichbrings a pleasure and benefits. In web-design it usually means that it should be easy , attractive, relevant, styled, visually accessiblein perception.

    Design services

    • Development of graphic design sketches

    • Development of graphic design of separate elements

      • Advertising banners

      • Pictograms

      • Icons, etc.

    • Translation of graphic design in html-format

    • Development of corporate identity

      • Logo

      • Forms

      • Files

      • Business cards

      • Trademark

      • Discount card

      • Envelopes

    • Banners

      • Static

      • Animated

    • Flash

      • Animated element

      • Animated saver
    Here are the criterias, which we try tofulfill while creating the design.


    In the design should not be anything extra. Design should be simple, concise and exclusive simultaneously. In the design must be an idea that clearly differentiates you from other similar object! In developing the design must use all – the history of the facility, its distinctive features and advantages, art and old-established stereotypes.


    With the permission of not less than 1024 х768 px should not be a horizontal skroll. Home pageshouldn’t weigh more than 150-200 Kb. Thisis recommendedin order to save traffic of users and increase the speed of loading pages resource.


    The text should be read from top to bottom, left to right, preferably aligned with the left edge. Slogans, advertising texts should be short and read in two seconds. Sorry for the excessive use of the words “must” and “should”.

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