Online Sportsbooks for Political Bets

Best NZ$ Online Sportsbooks for Political Bets

The internet and social media has put punters in New Zealand more in touch with local and world politics than ever before, and at a time when absolutely anything seems possible. This, of course, is not limited to the islands, if the worldwide response to recent US presidential elections is anything to go by.

As the world of politics seems to become ever more exciting, if not downright bizarre, more and more punters are trying their luck by placing political bets.

Political betting online was previously limited to a few big name sportsbooks that included novelty markets among their offerings. However, the awareness of these markets grows among Kiwi punters, more and more sportsbooks have offering such markets.

Popular Political Bets

When it comes to the different types of political betting Australia available at online sportsbooks, punters may notice that the market does not have quite the same scope as other markets such as racing, rugby, or cricket.

When betting on elections, most punters in New Zealand opt for basic Win bets, which are placed on a candidate or political party to win an election. Online markets also offer betting options that can be described as exotic bets.

Punters could bet on how candidates rank in the popular vote, on parties to win seats in Parliament, or even on the number of parliamentary seats gained by a party. Some sportsbooks even allow punters to bet on candidates or parties to lose elections.

Long Shot Political Bets

No sooner is one election concluded, and the race for the next one begins. National or general elections are seldom sudden events, so online sportsbooks tend to open markets for political bets long before elections actually take place.

This is especially true of markets such as the elections of the prime ministers of New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, as well as the US presidential election. Punters who enjoy placing long shot bets are certainly given plenty of opportunities to do so.

Sportsbooks for Political Bets

The best, or rather the only, online sportsbooks at which punters should place political bets are those that are licensed and regulated by gaming jurisdictions with a good reputation. If a sportsbook is not licensed, it is operating illegally, and probably with nefarious intentions.

After checking that the sportsbook at which they’re considering placing bets is, in fact, licensed, they should also check that they can use the banking service conveniently and securely. They should be able to make deposits using methods such as e-wallets, credit cards, prepaid cards, and direct bank transfer.

The service should be protect by SSL data encryption technology, and a support service should be available via live chat, telephone, and email 24 hours a day.

Tips for Political Bets

For many punters in New Zealand, politics is usually a charged subject. Opinions and emotions can reach fever pitch, and punters would do well to try keep a clear head when placing political bets.

The best thing they can do to try ensure they place informed bets is to keep abreast with local and international politics, especially because things can change overnight. It takes only one scandal to swing the odds.

Punters should be wary of betting on elections in which one candidate is bound to come out tops, such as those in countries known for elections that are neither free nor fair, such as in Zimbabwe. In such cases, online sportsbooks offer very low odds, if they offer any at all.