IT Avenue / Performed works / Logos

IT Avenue / Performed works / Logos

    Logo for the slaughterhouse "Shemordansky"

    Booklet «Houses on the water»

    Brand style «Shashlik-auto»

    Advertising banner “We’ve ate a @ on our work”

    T-shirts for the project "Do not endure"

    Logo for the newspaper «for all tastes»

    Logo for diabetics portal

    Our t-shirts

    Logo for the MC "BIH"

    Booklet for High-Tech Bridge

    Logo «Saleking»

    Re-styling logo «High-Tech Bridge»

    The company’s disk

    Logo Internet Corporation "Delmi"

    The corporate style "Eurostandart-consalting"

    Logo Ltd. "Tatarmmontazh"

    The corporate style of IT Avenue

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