IT Avenue / Performed works / Web-site for fur manufacture “Melita” ver. 2.0

IT Avenue / Performed works / Web-site for fur manufacture “Melita” ver. 2.0
    Colorful flash intro is the main element of the home page. It is designed right in spirit of Melita’s new collection. For each collection customer can create new intro by himself, he just needs to add pictures of new models. On this site one can find full catalogue of all company’s items. Contacts of local shops and departments are showed accordingly to users’ IPs. Info on coming promos and sales is performed by two advertising banners. Blocks with news and sales hits are performed on the home page too, in sales hits block one can find the most popular models from manufacture’s catalogues. “Call you back?” – is a very useful block for site users, customers can leave an enquiry for the company’s managers for a phone call.

    Corporate site, Internet store on base VIP
    Year: 2010
    Client «Melita» JSC


    An individual page for each item. On individual pages one can find full info on each item: name of the item, kind of fur, sizes of the items, additional photos of the items, detailed description. Also customer can upload video by himself. On this page users can leave their comments, vote for the items, make an order or send the item to the «Fitting room».Where to buy

    Shops selling fur goods by «Melita» are listed in «Where to buy» section. Click on city name leads to the shops list with contacts and to the map with directions.
    Fitting room.

    Here user can see the items which he selected from the catalogue. In «Fitting room» he can make an order on chosen items, print or send info into pdf-file. Also user can delete the inappropriate items from «Fitting room».The possibility to change the color of pages’ layouts according to the web-site style was foreseen by the designer. The most appropriate colors could be selected from the color table; also there is an opportunity to add new colors. With php-script the translucent backgrounds could be flatten with colors chosen be the customer, so at the end the customer gets jpg pictures, what makes the size of the background 10 times smaller.

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