IT Avenue / Performed works / Site «Gunpowder factory»

IT Avenue / Performed works / Site «Gunpowder factory»
    In 2009 the Management of the Kazan Gunpowder Plant decided to create a new version of the web-site which responds all the modern requirements. Great functional abilities of the site are presented in bright and colorful traditional design. That was an obligatory requirement of the client because the web-site of the plant with more than 200 years history has to combine both traditions and innovations. This moto became a start point of the development of the site. On the main page you can see “The Red Gates” – the symbol of the plant were built to the 100 years anniversary from the foundation of the plant. Flash animation will show you the main activities of the plant.

    Corporate site on base VIP
    Year: 2009
    Client Gunpowder Plant

    You can learn the history of the plant, get acquainted with the
    production of the plant, ask any questions the managers of the company.
    The resource is useful not only for the users in the Internet, but also
    for the staff of the plant. The content management system affords
    easily to put in all necessary data about the tenders on the site,
    inform the partners and clients about new products and also publish the
    list of available vacancies.

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