IT Avenue / Performed works / Corporate site of the «Mablos»

IT Avenue / Performed works / Corporate site of the «Mablos»
    In 2009 the furniture factory Mablos decided to reorganize the existing website. This decision was caused by failures of product catalog, architecture, inconvenient and difficult navigation for the user. Therefore management of the company Mablos and the project team of company Ai-Ti Avenue took into account all these shortcomings and developed a convenient, intuitive, aimed at end-user structure of the future website. For the convenience of users a number of functionals was developed.

    Corporate site on base VIP
    Year: 2009
    Client Furniture manufacture “Mablos”

    The focal point of the site is the detailed product catalog, which provides potential buyers comprehensive information about the furniture, offered by the company Mablos. Within the catalog, you can pick up the selected sofa chair and puffs of the same collection. All related products are represented by a single list, which reduces the time, that customers spent to select the furniture.
    As if it were a competent manager, this site tells users about the advantages of Mablos company’s furniture, about all mechanisms of transformation from sofas, gives good advices in the selection of furniture and responds to customer’s questions. There is no question, where to buy your favorite model. Users can find the nearest store in the list of cities-partners with the names and contact information about shops, that sell the furniture of Mablos’s factory.
    The site is executed in a light and modern style of news sites. Large amount of information is located on the page structuredly. The icons are used for clarity and easiness of navigation on the sections of the site.

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