Promotion and hosting

Promotion and hosting

    Literacy promotion carried out by us will ensure its stable visits by interested visitors, potential customers and buyers (the target audience of site). That is why we offer the complete solution to develop and promote resource on the Internet.

    We can not guarantee first place, although this is possible. Indeed, it is important to understand – the more popular topic is than it is more difficult to implement in the worldwide promotion in the Internet. But we are firmly  promise you to make a bright promo campaign finely targeted on information and attraction of potential customers.

    Services to move

    • Analysis of the project, an optimal search queries (keywords) to follow their promotion
    • Analysis of the competitors’ sites
    • Optimization of content and filling meta-tags, taking in the consideration “key words”
    • Registration in search engines
    • Registration in thematic directories
    • Contextual advertising – the correct advertising in search engines, configured exclusively on potential customers
    • Placing electronic ads
    • Link exchange and banners
    • Manufacture of static, gif-animated and flash-animated banners of various sizes

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