Development of sites

Development of sites

    Each of the sites listed below has individual structure defined bya customer , the possibility of creating an unlimited number of sections and static pages, a content management system “WAB Avenue”, the possibility of further enhancing functional.

    Light Promo ExclusiveVip Description Special offer for those who want inexpensive, but professionally create its own Internet site ( see examples ).Graphic design this type of site is made on the basis of samples of ready-design models ( see examples ).Individual creative graphic design, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer ( see examples ).The same work like in exclusive,but using animation and the development of additional design sketches for inner pages. Development graphic design No Changes in the selected model Yes Yes, yes and really great one! and layout design No Yes Yes Yes Management System site WAB Avenue Feedback form No Site Search No map News NoNo Views No information 5 pages in A4 format 10 pages in A4 format 15 pages in A4 format 20 pages in A4 format training management system website 1 person1 person2 people 2 people Placement on hosting and testing Yes Yes Yes Yes Register at the core of search engines Yes Yes Yes Yes Technical support after the delivery of the project 2 weeks 1 month 1.5 months 3 months Terms6 days 2 weeks 1 month 1,5 months Price 250 USD 500 USD 875 USD 1275 USD Additional services Price in rubles. News – a section containing information about innovations and plans on opening new services, to change rates on activities and any other events. News can be divided into groups: Company News, World News, etc.

    Each story is presented a set of parameters: publication date, title, announcement, a detailed description, source.

    The module includes an archive of news – a single repository of all news, news column on the homepage, consisting of 3-4 latest news for each group. 1 day from 100 USD Automatic delivery of news – anyone who subscribe to the news from different groups, automatically receives a signatory to all the news group (s) to the email address. 1 day from 50 USDImporting news module– module is designed to automatically import data to be recorded in the appropriate group of news. That means that it would not be required to contribute data manually, but only the push of a key section of news will be filled with data from any Internet resource, for example from the site marked as “Source:”. 2-4 days from 100 USDForm of on-line order – the user site will be given the opportunity to order one or another service on-line: it is necessary just to fill the data in the proposed fields, for example: Name, contact coordinates and other useful information. This form can be placed on each page of certain services. Contents of completed application may be sent automatically to e-mail Officer Company site owner. 1-2 days from 100 USDJobs – list of avaliable vacancies. Each vacancy can be presented a set of parameters: the name, requirements for the applicant, work experience, working conditions, work schedule, wages. The complection of this module contains the realization of sending a summary of on-line mode – that is, on the site will be provided to fill a questionnaire form, after filling its contents will automaticallybe send to the e-mail of the manager or to the administrator of the site. 1-3 days from 125 USD Survey system – every visitor can take part in the survey (once!), a poll may consist of the different number of questions, answers for each of them and fields for entering an individual response. After the vote, poll results (statistical analysis of voting) can be published on the site, both quantitatively and in the percentage ratio. It may provide a way to change the survey results by site while not losing reliable results. This module can be used as a marketing tool for identifying the needs of users on any kind of production companies. 1-2 days from 88 USDForum – Forum of site users and staff of the company, is intended to implement a high degree of communication and the adoption of mutually beneficial solutions for successful implementation of business objectives. The Forum may be a table with the content of sections, themes and messages to them. Forum tiered structure may have access to view and leaving messages: for example, for employees Companies can access information (sections, topics), closed from ordinary users. 7 days from 225 USD Gallery – the repository of photos, distributed on various clusters / albums. Each album will be structured and able to display several small pictures on the page, their names and short description. The number of photos on one page album will ask the administrator in the administrator part in the “Preferences”. When clicking on the small picture will open a larger version with the possibility of viewing larger versionsof others photos of this album . 2-4 days from 150 USDQuestions and answers – this is the section to publish the list of most frequently asked questions and answers of your organization to them. With the large volume of questions list could be devided on the pages, the number of questions displayed on one page will be defined by the administrator in the administrator part in the “Preferences”. If the visitor has not found an answer to your question he will be asked to fill out a form to write and send your questions to e-mail your organization directly from the site, indicating their contact coordinates. ; 1-2 days from 90 USDCatalogue of products with a basket and online ordering system- section for the submission of the full product range. All products can be devided on relevant thematic groups. Within each group, may be its list of subgroups. The ultimate team assumes its list of goods presented in a table, where for each product will be listed individual parameters: the name of the model, a brief description, small picture, price. Then, whenyou click on the model name and picture possible transition to personal page product with a more detailed description of it: name, full size picture, detailed description, price, technical specifications.

    When viewing the list of goods the function of ordering any goods is proposed. To make an order user selects particulas goods and enters his contact information for feedback.

    All visitors to the site while on the pages of the directory will be able to print any information about the product, presented in the directory. 7 days from 225 USAny another at your request –

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